In the city.

Yesterday, while travelling in the city, I came across a cabbie who’d creatively put his watch on his rear view mirror. No hassle to keep checking the time, right? Well, I see it differently. Maybe it was his way to look back through time. Ain’t it? The sight set my thoughts rolling. I started thinkingContinue reading “In the city.”

A Smile Here. A Smile There.

He looked visibly frustrated. And he had reasons to be so. He’d been on his feet for almost half the day and the ordeal was not over yet. He kept shuffling his feet across the floor, trying to visit each table more than once. He knew his boss was keeping a tab. He had toContinue reading “A Smile Here. A Smile There.”

The Past Week.

Considering I am writing this post half-asleep, ignore any¬†errors that creep through, deliberately or not. And now the question is why am I half-asleep halfway through the day? Because I have traveled over 1500 kilometers over the past week. Because I’ve put band aids on hurt toes to continue walking in damned new heels! BecauseContinue reading “The Past Week.”