Shivering, he dived under a shade, water puddling around his feet, fear taking over the chills of a sudden downpour. The dogs outside were ferocious – he’d never seen such big angry eyes up close. They were still sniffing around, he could feel it. He backed away into the dark, keeping an eye out forContinue reading “Brazen”

Bones & Beads.

“Shoma, you’ll have to take off your ornaments – all of them, irrespective of whether they’re gold or not,” the doctor-in-charge Ratan da ordered me.“You’ll just be doing a regular check-up, right? I didn’t think we’d be going into the OT,” I asked, worried there had been a miscommunication because I wasn’t ready for theContinue reading “Bones & Beads.”


The water was so cold. It sent goosebumps up my spine. Why did I lay out the new cutlery? I asked myself out loud. “Because you wanted to treat your wife,” she said, sliding her hands along my torso. “Your hand goes any lower and you can say goodbye to this plate,” I warned myContinue reading “Dishes.”

Open Up The Spaces.

There I was, sitting on the topmost stair of the spectators’ gallery of a playground, writing, when a soccer ball landed with a thud right on my foot. I was taken by surprise and flooded with a flurry of apologies. I wasn’t hurt, no. But I roused concern among the boys. But why only theContinue reading “Open Up The Spaces.”

Moo Points?

My week started on a bad note – regular household issues – oh yes, we bachelors have those too. No maid, cook screwed up the food quantities, delayed to work, no transport, traffic and oh, the heat! So coming up, are a lot of moo points. Take it or leave it, but do read it! As IContinue reading “Moo Points?”

Pakistan vs Terrorism.

For the longest time in my living memory, people around me, including me, have referred to Pakistan as the terrorist state, the country which perpetrates terror. But in my heart, call me naive, foolish or whatever you may, all Pakistanis weren’t terrorists, all elements related to Pakistan did not get synced with terrorism. Yes, AtifContinue reading “Pakistan vs Terrorism.”

Cooking up a storm!

  I am 26. I am single. I am a female. In India, that’s enough to set people rattling off about marriage and family planning. In my case, more advice follows about learning to do tasks that suit a woman in the house than one in office. To name a few – cooking, stitching, birthing,Continue reading “Cooking up a storm!”

What’s in a name after all?

The SpaceX BFR (Big Falcon Rocket) is now called the Starship! Musk has been known to be creative even when it comes to naming his ventures. At least, the latest ones. Boring Company. Why? Because they bore through the ground to make tunnels! Brick Store. Why? Well, duh. Because they’re selling bricks! Bricks from theContinue reading “What’s in a name after all?”

India Amidst Trade Wars.

An opinion piece I penned recently was published on! Yayy! It details the history of trade, the milestones we’ve achieved, USA at the eye of the trade war storm and how India features in it. Feedback is most welcome. Over the last year, the United States of America under the leadership of President Trump renegotiatedContinue reading “India Amidst Trade Wars.”

Rains and roads (3)

  Contd from… Though we did find women who were wearing the most insensible footwear, involving heels, chances of twisting your foot, skidding on the water and of course, breaking them! We went flip flops all the way! And maybe a couple of us also chose to show our bathroom slippers the light of theContinue reading “Rains and roads (3)”