Published Works.

Following is the list of short stories and essays published on portals other than my blog:


Available for purchase here.

Under The Crescent Moon (Write India Publishers) – 2020

Short Stories:

As The Sun Went Down (Spark Magazine) – 2019

Read here.

The story explores how as we take sides in a battle of borders, we often forget that the people with guns also have lives they would want to infuse with love, family, protection and safety. No matter what the side, at the end of the day, isn’t humanity losing out in our senseless battle over man-made ideals? What’s the point of all of it? What’s the point of any of it?

The Night of Dreams (Spark Magazine) – 2020

Read here.

The story captures a scene out of the common man’s life to weave together stories of passion and what it could mean to different people.  

The Pink Blossom (Juggernaut Writing Platform) – 2018

Read here.

Saanvi has never visited her grandmother’s village in sixteen years. But when she does, she meets a familiar face in a forest forbidden. Read on to find out how the young girl blossomed under The Pink Blossom.

Trapped (Juggernaut Writing Platform) – 2018

Read here.

“Trapped?” is a story that captures the luring of a young woman, Jane, at the hands of a seasoned trafficker, Rick. But this time he’s trapped in his own setting – due to lust or is it love? And is he the perpetrator this time around or she?

Essays :
(Not) Another Size Zero Story. (Juggernaut Writing Platform) – 2019

Read here.

A push, though delayed, towards fitness in an otherwise sedentary lifestyle has helped me in so many ways than just gaining weight. Yes, I go to the gym to gain weight.

‘I Think, Therefore I Am’ Confused! (Spark Magazine) – 2019

Read here.

What is life really about? Why are we living it the way we are? Where does the curiosity to know things begin and what is limiting us? The piece attempts to unravel the secret of life.

Please note: To read the pieces on Juggernaut Writing Platform, you’ll have to download the app or create a free account on their website.

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