About Me.


Welcome to my cozy place on the world wide web.

I am an Indian, with the desire to achieve much more than I can dream of. Writing is a passion I haven’t yet turned into a profession.

I have been aspiring to be a writer ever since people started loving my work as much as I do and I call myself amateurishly artistic, without two left feet and with such a zeal to learn new things that I shock my own self often. I generally don’t love long sentences but then I make exceptions. Like I do with everything else in life.

I am not a rule-breaker, but I think rules which were once made for convenience are now being so blindly and often religiously followed that they’ve become more than a tad bit inconvenient. I don’t think I’m an atheist. I believe in God. I am just starting to lose faith in religion. Thank you, radicalism.

I have an opinion about most things. The ones I haven’t formed an opinion about generally don’t deserve discussion by anyone, but are discussed anyways by everyone, or are beyond my capacity to be opinionated about. Mostly it’s the latter, I think. There’s so much to learn after all!

I think we should all try to leave a place, or people for that matter, better than we found it and the world would be so much more different.

I hope what you just read here was worth your precious time and what you read further on the blog, if you do (no pressure, there!),  will be worth it too.

Graciously Yours,

Aditi Chandak.

P.S. : You’ll get all the hues here – Humour, Anger, Satire, Romance, Sarcasm, Hope and maybe a lot of common sense dipped in nonsense. Enjoy. It’s a full palette awaiting you! Like it says, this place has “Raw Emotions. Inked.”

104 thoughts on “About Me.

    1. Hey! Thanks for stopping by! I’ll drop by soon too 🙂

      Yes, the anonymity does help but most people who know me now know about my blog so the purpose sort of gets defeated. 😛 Nevertheless, wish you loads of luck!

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      1. I know about that disaster. 😛 I started blogging for the same reason, then that became a three year old blog with subscriptions from all my friends and family 😀 So, this is attempt two 😀 And thanks for the wishes ! 🙂

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  1. Hi,
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    You can write in any form,say poetry or essay or drawing or anything…in whatever form you like to write.

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    2. Most important day in your life
    3. What is most important thing you want to do this world, and why?
    4. The day when you cried more,and why?
    5. You can choose any theme and title not limited to the above 4.

    you can choose the title for each theme and let me know when you are finished or send me an email the post:

    I will not edit or modify your post, I will give a full credit to you and you can reblog the post on your blog once it’s published on my blog.

    If you don’t like this idea, kindly disregard it 😛 It’s just to encourage and indulge my interesting writers like you.


  2. Glad we connected! You write beautifully, looking forward to read more of your lovely work so following you 😉 Thank you for liking my work too 🙂
    Keep Shining dear!!

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    1. My my! That’s a beautiful compliment! Thank you so very much 🙂
      I’ll keep trying to write as well as I do, if not better!
      And the awards are the WP family love. I should thank my amazing readers for it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh! Welcome to robinsimpressions, where art meets thoughts.:)
        Thank you for the +Follow ! I’ll add up in your follower’s list, too. Lets go hand in hand while blogging, dear friend!
        -smile ‘n shine

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      2. I have no working knowledge of animes but I have friends who’re fans! Maybe your blog posts will enlighten me about the world they’re a fan of 🙂

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  3. Hey Aditi!!
    I hope you’re fine..
    By the way long time,eh!
    I just love the way you write and I wish you Best of Luck sweetheart! ❤
    Though i am in love with you recent post Mask!!
    Will be waiting for another post from you which can take over this Post's place in my Heart!
    Till then Take care!

    Akiraa xoxo

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    1. Hey Akiraa! Yes, I am fine. Thank you for asking. I hope you’re doing good too. Just a week or so more and then I’ll be regular again. Handling exam stress 😉
      Thank you for always showering the love ❤

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  4. i solemnly swearing that i am upto no good say that i’m in love with the way you write just like the name of your blog says raw emotions and so crystal clear thoughts. you’ll be seeing more of me 😀 happy blogging 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Ayushi! Welcome to the blog! Such kind words! You make me happy! 🙂
      Thank you so much for taking the time out to write what you feel. I’ll wait to see more of you. Much love ❤

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  5. (Your) One sensible twitter reply has opened the doors to the world of blogging for me. Danke Schoen! I didn’t know there were such hidden gems on WordPress. Next few days are going to go by reading all the posts, one archive at a time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Pranav! You’re being very kind. Though it looks like that tweet did make a difference. 😉

      Eagerly awaiting a new reader’s perspective 🙂


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