Good guys aren’t always taken!

Does this remind you of anyone? If yes, he/she is DEFINITELY the one.
Does this remind you of anyone? If yes, he/she is DEFINITELY the one.
For quite a while, I had been proclaiming (or maybe quoting!) that all the good guys are either gay or committed. Well, back then I had reason to. My list of good then consisted of the likes of Matt Bomer, Neil Patrick Harris, T.R.Knight and obviously a horde of good looking committed men (well out of my reach). Well, education in an all girls school and college can do that to you.
Today, you tell me the same and I’ll vehemently disagree. Reason being really simple. All the good guys I know are single. Like sadly (and tantalizingly, temptingly) single. (And they aren’t gay. Or commitment phobic or displeasing to the eyes.)
When I say good, I mean good on the inside and the outside. These are guys with whom a relationship won’t be an occasional fling but a lifetime worth of love. They are guys who do not have an insanely lengthy and almost impossible list of the qualities they want in their girlfriend. Yes, they do have lists, but they’re almost cute! (Psst : Yes, I have seen and loved one of those lists!)
And yet, I wonder, why are they single. You must be too.
I have no other explanation for this apart from the fact that we girls are choosing the jerks over guys like these! Otherwise, there is no way they can be not taken.
Seriously, how difficult can it be to think along these lines before taking the not-single-anymore plunge?
  • Does he take time out for you? (To check whether he’s idle and happy or occupied and happy.)
  • Can you talk face-to-face or only flirt over text messages?
  • Does the guy tell you he is in love with you? And I do not mean over the phone or over one of those intrusive social media apps — Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Line, Hike, et al!
  • What is it that you love more about him – his body or his soul? Did you first like his looks and then talk to him or did you first start talking and then liking him? Obviously, I am not talking about those who *actually* fall in love at first sight! 
  • Does he make you happy?
  • Is he constantly nagging at you to improve and not doing anything about himself?
  • Do his friends know about you or is your presence in his life all hush hush?
I cannot continue further or I might just start feeling that I have been a jerk for not having proposed to any of these amazingly eligible guys! Yet!
Buck up, girls. These guys are waiting to be taken (and floored!).
Graciously Yours!
P.S.: Any one want their contact numbers? 😉



17 thoughts on “Good guys aren’t always taken!”

      1. hahaha,,of course you can add as friend and i promise i wud be best among all 🙂 this is what my friend says.. she is my 7month friend,,,enough 🙂

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  1. people do not want to believe this, but it is the truth. For the life of me, when girls believe that all of the good men are taken or gay–it never made sense to me. They choose the worst types of men, and then blame everyone else for their selection. lol


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