Guide to reading : Below are, not one but, three completely unrelated short stories all bound by the one word ~ “Sea”. He walked towards the seas. Stretched far across till where his eyes could see, only blues greeted him, shimmering in different shades from azure to teal to royal blue with hints of cyan andContinue reading “Sea.”

At the break of dawn.

All the while as she waited, no sign of respite, the clock ticking by ceaselessly, breathing seemingly harder. Her optimism was gradually fading, the smile turning to nervous twitches, the feet tapping rhythmically to the gush of the wind and roar of the seas. The night was falling darker than before, the moonless sky notContinue reading “At the break of dawn.”

The Silent Mourner.

Innumerable people I meet, Yet I can never stop thinking about you, Innumerable words I speak, Yet I can never get tired of wanting to listen to you.   You were the one, Who loved me for what I was. You were the one, Who made me realize what I could be.   I alwaysContinue reading “The Silent Mourner.”