Firm or lined, or just sallow, that weird shade of yellow, Bruised from the workouts or battered and broken from your handouts, Patchy, shaded, hairy or tanned enough to never detan, Red, brown, black, pimpled, acned, wrinkled, or just glowing from the baby inside. Looking them down, All my life I’ve lived proud, In aContinue reading “Skin.”


  She trudged along the gravelled path, Far from home, lost in the rush of the world, Her boots worn, her back stooped, The winds, cold and brazen, cut across, The skin on her face drooped.   Her eyes stung with tears, That refused to fall out, She shut them close, Wanting to push theContinue reading “Boots.”

I am.

  I am so much more than just a broken heart.   I’m the fire that urges you to make something out of your life. I’m the rage you feel when you see dishonesty. I’m the pain that stops you from breathing. I’m fire. I’m rage. I’m pain.   I’m the passion that stirs yourContinue reading “I am.”

Alone, not lonely.

He wanted to soar, To places that were beyond, The reach of others, The fancies of their minds, The places no one went to, Because they would be alone, And that is what he wanted, To be alone, not lonely, Invisible, not blind, Peaceful, not wanting. He couldn’t explain, Words failed him, But the feelingContinue reading “Alone, not lonely.”


From the distant lands, Galloping on his horse, Came the knight of her dreams, Dusty and tired, A freshness in the soul, Heart bewitched, smile dazzling. Months ago, when they had first met, A city damsel, she was no match for him, A guard of the royals, Splendor befitted him, royalty trusted him, She aContinue reading “Rescued.”

Pulled Apart.

I’ve come a long way, From that fateful day, Where all I could think of was Getting you to stay, While all you did was push me away. Now and then, things would sway, Giving me hopes that you would stay, But alas that wouldn’t happen, Not how I wanted, anyway. “For the baby’s sake,”Continue reading “Pulled Apart.”

The Caged Freedom.

Staring at the vast blue skies, I sit, My wings never even opening, The clouds call me out towards, To frolick around in the vapours, I sigh. I wish I was the gazelle, Leaping about free and unbound, Instead I am the caged bird of paradise, To be lavished upon with praises, children and parents’Continue reading “The Caged Freedom.”

Black and White.

Some say the world is black and white. Some say the world is grey. Which is the truth? Which a perspective? Or is truth itself just a perspective?   To him the world was white and black, The greys he’d announced as sins, To empathise with others he’d given up, Sympathies he wanted abound. HeContinue reading “Black and White.”

The Poetry of Life.

She awoke to the Tyndall effect the rays from the nearest star made in her small room. She could see the dust particles dancing around each other. She wondered how much of it was cosmic. She smiled. On her way to work, she bought more than a couple of roses from the young boy at the crossing. TheContinue reading “The Poetry of Life.”