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Black and White.

Some say the world is black and white.
Some say the world is grey.

Which is the truth? Which a perspective?

Or is truth itself just a perspective?



To him the world was white and black,
The greys he’d announced as sins,
To empathise with others he’d given up,
Sympathies he wanted abound.

He stared from a distance the lives others lived,
He announced harsh judgements about them,
Little wondering that while he pointed fingers at them,
It said a lot about him.

Always assuming he was on the right,
Pious he thought himself to be,
Faced with the woman who stole for a hungry child,
He failed to pronounce her to be a thief.

Memories of his hard childhood rushed back,
He recalled his mother in the woman,
Ashamed of how cold he himself had become,
He brought the duo back home with him.

The next morning, he found the child asleep,
The woman no longer to be seen,
His world of whites and blacks ripped apart,
The greys in fifty shades stared through at him.

Graciously Yours!

Maketh or Breaketh?


Life throws challenges at all of us.
For some the challenge is to select a dress for the day out of a walk-in closet they own, for others it might be choosing the course which will have lesser impact financially or maybe seeing your own relatives disown you, or seeing your love fade away. Regardless of the stature and strength of the challenge faced, it is your move to tackle the challenge that counts.
Do you let the challenge make you or break you? Do you become the best or fall among the rest?

Of late, I have tried being empathetic towards others, always considering that something which I dislike in them comes from a struggle they’ve gone through or a challenge they’ve faced. Maybe it wasn’t part of their plan to be so rash, judgmental, overbearing, over possessive, or trashy, but life made them so.

The past few days have made me realize that it isn’t always life or the challenges they face which have are responsible for building a person’s character. It is about the person and his inner soul. It is about the person and his conscience. It is about the person and his expectations of himself.

Irrespective of what has happened to you or what you have gone through, It is you who decides what kind of a person you want to be.

Today, if you try to blame the unfairness of life for disrespecting a woman, for being coercive on your juniors, for not acknowledging your elders and parents, for pushing down someone who should ideally be pulled up, for breaking a friend’s trust, for shattering a child’s confidence, for ruining a person’s life, you should be ashamed of yourself. Ashamed. Period.

Look around, friends. See the diversity of human characters you have around you. Judge them from their reactions in the most uncomfortable situations.

Judge them not from what they’ve become in life, but from what they’ve become out of it.

Graciously Yours!