The Poetry of Life.

She awoke to the Tyndall effect the rays from the nearest star made in her small room. She could see the dust particles dancing around each other. She wondered how much of it was cosmic. She smiled. On her way to work, she bought more than a couple of roses from the young boy at the crossing. TheContinue reading “The Poetry of Life.”

Blank colours on the canvas.

Some days I have a smile on my face. Yet inside I am breaking apart. Sometimes that trophy is all I want. Yet when I get it, it was not the rosy picture I’d painted. Some days the world doesn’t make sense at all. And other days I think I’ve found the missing puzzle pieces. Somehow, somewhere heContinue reading “Blank colours on the canvas.”

Quote Challenge – Day 3.

This is the second quote challenge I have been nominated for. Thank you Savio for this opportunity! Today’s quote, which became a favorite at the first instant, is from this blog. Anything which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, said in a very fancy and heart touching way! My nominations are : Isra Mundane Musings Scribbling Sheet (whichContinue reading “Quote Challenge – Day 3.”

The first in many!

A minute was all it took and my world crashed. There was darkness all around. I was scraping the marbled walls. I couldn’t take it anymore. My hopes were now pinned on God. The people around me spoke of help, just spoke. Light flitted in through the darkness, Golden glows showed through the dust, It wasContinue reading “The first in many!”