This post was really long due! Thank you, Prateek, for getting me out of my slumber! And nominating me for the Versatile Blogger award! He’s a recent addition to our WordPress family but his posts are very mature for an amateur. He’s going to bowl you over with his words and charm. Go check out his blog,Continue reading “Awards.”

Another year passes!

Time flies! In leaps and bounds. Another year older and hopefully another year wiser! To maintain tradition of my birthday blog posts, this one is the latest! So there’s my new look (as informed in the previous post) which I absolutely adore, though some people claim I haven’t really changed much. But those some people also called meContinue reading “Another year passes!”

Spreading love.

A fellow blogger, Umber, has very kindly set me to task for not writing regularly! I’ve been asked to define LOVE my way, in 10 lines and 4 words in each line. Well, I agree with Mary Crawley when she says, “I don’t care a fig about rules.” Here is my poem, if it can beContinue reading “Spreading love.”

1 day to go!

Facebook wants to tell me how my year has been. If I go by that, all I did in 2014 was sketch a few portraits, go to a few restaurants with a bunch of people, and get pictures clicked for my sister’s #100happydays! Well, that’s not how it was, Facebook. Exactly a year ago, my fatherContinue reading “1 day to go!”

3 days to go!

3 days to go before another year into this millennium marks its grand exit! Time to chip in another life changing moment of 2014, or should I say a bunch of life changing moments of 2014 which happened because of one such mother moment? So what is the mother moment I am talking about? It’sContinue reading “3 days to go!”

4 days to go!

Following up the previous post with this one! So after much thought and once again in no specific order, one of my top 5 life changing moments of 2014 would be my 38th All India Ranking in my Chartered Accountancy finals! To see the years of hard work, rigorous (and fun!) training and intense studyingContinue reading “4 days to go!”

Life Notes #6.

So you must be wondering where to I’ve been all this while! Just been a little here, a little there trying to get over a bout of writer’s block. When I finally gave up on coming up with an actual topic to write on, here I am writing this post halfway into the night! It’sContinue reading “Life Notes #6.”

From ‘broken’ to just ‘tangled’.

Every now and then we all have to make decisions. Decide about whether we wish to live in the past or move ahead through newer, unknown doors; whether we wish to cling to the unfulfilled dreams in the hope that they will someday become your future reality or rush into the loving arms of theContinue reading “From ‘broken’ to just ‘tangled’.”

Psst! I passed.

Remember those exams I had two months ago? Yes, the same exams which had me grinding my ass for six whole months and those same exams before which my father wasn’t in the best of his health and those same exams which has a pass % of barely 5%.  I cleared. Nailed it. Killed it!Continue reading “Psst! I passed.”

Life Notes #5.

A really tired me was rejuvenating today by looking out of the glass window of my office cabin, courtesy the only available cabin for auditors at my client office. The visible main road houses the entrance to a pumping station where all day long huge tankers of the corporation come and collect water at the side of the road.Continue reading “Life Notes #5.”