Calcutta Feels.

I was brought up in Calcutta. I lived for more than two decades in that city and I came to love it for its views, its vices, its pace, its charm, its tea stalls and the addas, its humidity and its rabindra sangeet. There were days I couldn’t stand the lethargy in the air. ThenContinue reading “Calcutta Feels.”

The unseen face.

  They could not afford the granduer of the Durga Puja pandals which were stretched across the length and breadth of the city. Their idol had none of the splendor associated with the city’s most festive days. They were five women praying to the strongest woman deity they’d ever known, celebrating her stories, wondering if she still existedContinue reading “The unseen face.”

Quote Challenge – Day 1.

I saw girls being killed for being girls. I saw Goddesses being prayed to for being girls. I saw the rich removing the poor from near their shop windows. I saw the rich feeding poor at the temples. I heard that person complain about corruption. I saw that person pay off the policeman. I heardContinue reading “Quote Challenge – Day 1.”