*darkness in Japanese I am standing in the darkness of the balcony of my apartment. The terrace is out of bounds because the building supervisor caught the virus and has been isolated in his quarters. There are four other spots in the building where the virus has made it’s way through. The apartment building hasContinue reading “Yami*”

Down The Lane.

The sun was setting and the balcony was losing enough light to make me keep my paint brushes aside. I wanted to finish one last flower before I could call it a day but that would mean getting out of my armchair to switch on the lights and I was too tired to do it.Continue reading “Down The Lane.”

Mirror, Mirror.

It was past 2 am when Meja finally stepped into her apartment. Business dinners often ended into the wee hours of the morning. This was an early wrap and she wasn’t happy about it at all. Liam hadn’t texted her yet but she was sure to wake up to a barrage of angry ones fromContinue reading “Mirror, Mirror.”


Shivering, he dived under a shade, water puddling around his feet, fear taking over the chills of a sudden downpour. The dogs outside were ferocious – he’d never seen such big angry eyes up close. They were still sniffing around, he could feel it. He backed away into the dark, keeping an eye out forContinue reading “Brazen”

Bones & Beads.

“Shoma, you’ll have to take off your ornaments – all of them, irrespective of whether they’re gold or not,” the doctor-in-charge Ratan da ordered me.“You’ll just be doing a regular check-up, right? I didn’t think we’d be going into the OT,” I asked, worried there had been a miscommunication because I wasn’t ready for theContinue reading “Bones & Beads.”


The water was so cold. It sent goosebumps up my spine. Why did I lay out the new cutlery? I asked myself out loud. “Because you wanted to treat your wife,” she said, sliding her hands along my torso. “Your hand goes any lower and you can say goodbye to this plate,” I warned myContinue reading “Dishes.”

Guilty As Charged?

“Sir, why has my handbag been detained?” asked a petite lady, dressed in a salwar suit, sensible chappals(flat sandals) and a young, fidgety kid accompanying her. I waved at him to distract him from tugging at the woman’s dupatta; instead he looked away, hiding his face, clinging onto the woman’s leg. “Yes, darling. We’ll getContinue reading “Guilty As Charged?”


“We don’t dream. We work. Dreams are for the rich.” I grew up listening to this, while toiling through the fields, cleaning the fish, even when I was taking too long a bath. If what my father says was true, then dreams are only for the people whose pipes and taps I fix. I hearContinue reading “Dazzle.”


The new year has arrived. 2020 is gone but the outside isn’t celebrating! The gloom persists, the Sun still hides and the Met Dept. predicts showers! The storm from the past year still hangs heavy. Was this not supposed to change? Did we not deem 2020 to be the year that had apparently caused theContinue reading “Peekaboo!”


As my breathing turned laborious with every tick of the smallest hand on the clock, the touch of the metal felt colder against my burning toes. I had wound up in a hospital bed after 87 rounds around the Sun, give or take a few, depending upon my father’s memory. I tried to move myContinue reading “Wrinkles.”