*darkness in Japanese I am standing in the darkness of the balcony of my apartment. The terrace is out of bounds because the building supervisor caught the virus and has been isolated in his quarters. There are four other spots in the building where the virus has made it’s way through. The apartment building hasContinue reading “Yami*”

Life Notes #13.

Is happiness an illusion? Or is the search for happiness a mirage that lures you until you’re too lost to even know so? News media often carries reports of people who have failed to measure success in their acts – standards of success that the society set for us all, marks in examinations, money inContinue reading “Life Notes #13.”


I scared you. The knowledge I had of you, scared you. I became the personal diary you never wrote. You could see the ghosts of your past reflected in my eyes, each time you looked into them. I became a reminder of what you were trying to forget. My comfort with you, scared you. YouContinue reading “Scarred.”

Pulled Apart.

I’ve come a long way, From that fateful day, Where all I could think of was Getting you to stay, While all you did was push me away. Now and then, things would sway, Giving me hopes that you would stay, But alas that wouldn’t happen, Not how I wanted, anyway. “For the baby’s sake,”Continue reading “Pulled Apart.”


He had no inkling of what he’d done. He’d prised her apart, promising to always guard her, and had at the end, left her open, wounds fresh and bleeding. She couldn’t see how heavy a burden she was for him, how hard he’d been dragging her before he succumbed to his own magnanimous promises. SheContinue reading “Mistake.”

The Angel in You.

    Amy had seen that face before. She would recognise it anywhere. The face that had over the years faded away but resurfaced strongly when the appearance became physical. The face had changed Amy’s life. The face that had given Amy a second chance. The lady wasn’t in her patrolling uniform. Her hair wasContinue reading “The Angel in You.”