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Thought Flash #2

If prayers mattered more than performance, the Indian cricket team would never lose another wicket.
Graciously Yours!
Picture Courtesy : BBC.

Life Notes #3.

Hi! I am back to share a little insight with you guys.

Do NOT watch cricket matches when you have your exams going on. Not even Indian Premier League Finals. Not even for this guy :

 George Bailey - Kings XI Punjab Captain.

George Bailey – Kings XI Punjab Captain.

By the way, I am only saying this because they lost.

I can’t handle sportsman spirit and cheer for the game well-played by the opposition, not when I am watching their Finals during my Finals!

Note to Self : Stop choosing favourites in IPL. They almost always lose.

Graciously Yours!

P.S.: Papers have been decent so far 🙂 4 down, 4 more to go!

P.P.S.: I’ll read all your new and amazing blog posts once I am done with my exams!