Quote Challenge – Day 3.

This is the second quote challenge I have been nominated for. Thank you Savio for this opportunity! Today’s quote, which became a favorite at the first instant, is from this blog. Anything which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, said in a very fancy and heart touching way! My nominations are : Isra Mundane Musings Scribbling Sheet (whichContinue reading “Quote Challenge – Day 3.”

Quote Challenge – Day 3.

Next time, Mommy dear tells you to get up by 7, tell her ‘time is a concept humans created’! Next time your friend calls you an insomniac for being up at 3 am, let him know ‘time is a concept humans created’! Next time, that relative asks you when you’ll get married, tell them ‘time is a concept humans created’! NextContinue reading “Quote Challenge – Day 3.”

Freestyle Writing Challenge ~ Mischief.

I was nominated by Hargun to attempt a free style writing challenge. She has a terrific blog! Do land up there too. So here are Rules I had to follow: Open an MS Word document Set a stop watch or your mobile to 5 minutes or 10 minutes whichever challenge you think you can beat. YouContinue reading “Freestyle Writing Challenge ~ Mischief.”

Cosmetics for the Moon?

By 2050 : Mirror, Mirror on the wall! Who’s the fairest of them all? The Moon! Once upon a time, on a full moon night, somewhere in the West, someone may have spent a night like this : Husband (relaxing after a long day of work in his balcony) : I love how peaceful the nightContinue reading “Cosmetics for the Moon?”

Don’t let me go.

You make my days seem like ages, and my hours seem like minutes. You flirt all you want, but I sense the pain in your heart. You are charming and maybe truly my lucky charm. You make my worries vanish, and my lips smile to the fullest. You are a rarity, both literally and rhetorically.Continue reading “Don’t let me go.”