We want bans.

Of recent, the Indian Government has been ridiculously infamous for banning a lot of things in India. A few instances which flash momentarily when I think of the word ‘ban’ are the ban on Uber, ban on the BBC documentary India’s Daughter, ban on Nestle Maggi and the latest in the series is the meat ban!

Since it seems like the nature to ban things won’t change any time soon, here’s a list of bans which could make the Government look slightly better in the eyes of the common people. Free PR advice! Take it more than you leave it.

  • India is a multicultural, multilingual, multiracial, multireligion (if such a word exists) country. The number of Hindu Gods alone are 330 million. One can barely fathom truly how many festivals India celebrates in a year. Here in Calcutta, almost each area has a separate pandal (makeshift bamboo structures, often elaborate and adorned) which house bigger-than-life-sized clay structures of the Gods and Goddesses as per the occasion. And there are speakers installed at each one of those which play music almost all round the festival day. Which music, you’d ask. Spiritual music, you’d expect. They play Bollywood songs. Most of which had been created by the music directors purely for the purpose of being danced on after downing a few shots at the pub. This needs to be banned, if not to spare us mortals, then at least to spare the Gods from listening to that rubbish. (A friend tells me that even blood donation camps organised by some local clubs are a flimsy excuse for playing loud music all day long.)
  • There’s a beautiful and talented cousin, Sarita, who thinks it would be a favour to ban indecent and tasteless ‘creative’ musical content produced by some artists rather than crackers on Diwali! Hers is a strong demand but then of late that is exactly what we’ve been treated to. For all those who’re unaware of what I am talking about, here’s a short list :

Laila Teri Le Legi

One Two Three Four

Dhating Naach

Saree Ke Fall Sa

Aaj Blue Hai Paani

On a serious note, I’ve met kids, both affluent and poor, who recite these crude lyrics faster than the multiplication table of 13. And if that isn’t a cause for concern, then I’ll have to look up the meaning of concern again.

  • Vartika, a friend, complains about the usage of footpaths as roads by two wheelers. (Another friend was travelling by a three-wheeler auto when the auto driver chose to drive on the footpath scaring the life out of her!) Neha from Joie de Vivre wants hawkers to be removed from footpaths. What’s happening to our pavements? They’re being used by everyone apart from pedestrians. Surely the transport ministry would want to look into that .

Graciously Yours!

P.S. : This post is in no way a ridicule of the Indian society or our Government. No nation, society, religion or culture is perfect. But there’s always hope that things will get better, sooner or later. And this is what some of us are hoping for.

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28 thoughts on “We want bans.

    1. And this concern gets neglected because it’s supposedly ‘uncool’ to infringe on Honey Singh and gangs’ rights to producing creative content and bothering about what sort of influence it would have on the future generations whose innocence is being lost before they even realize what innocence really means.

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  1. You say the post is not to ridicule.. but I am totally for that. .It is such a stupid idea about these bans.. We are a democratic country and everyone has the right ..

    I mean I am sure there are more important things that need banning.. How about racism or equality to start with..

    And some of the lyrics to the songs I am amazed how they still are chart toppers. .

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    1. Exactly my point! We’re missing out on the bigger picture and arousing anger by banning such trivial things.

      So what if Jains have some festival? Why should meat be banned? Even I am a vegetarian and I don’t really like those butcher shops where meat hangs on display, but I live in a free country and I am aware that that butcher shop provides meals for families of the customers and also the butchers! Why would I want someone to lose their business because I cannot stand the sight or smell of the inner parts of animals?

      And regarding those songs? Lesser said, the better.


  2. I don’t know actually the motif of banning Magi, BBC documentary, n the latest meat ban… There is one thing common in these series banning .. It’s a product of political n popular demand…agreed that this post is not to ridicule the govt. policy..

    Few things that I like about this post..
    When you write “multireligion ” word exist or not?..it may not exixt in dictionary but unfortunately it exist in the majority of the people who are “jobless”
    Table of 13 is surely less important than those lyrics may be they would be singing this songs in functions or local parties ( I have seen in UP ) to earn their bread…
    The sender of appreciation is an art that leads to make prudent choices…
    And yes pujas in Calcutta has become a multicrore business n creates employment for the time being… Whether the god exist or not doesn’t matter, public must be there, gossiping must be there, vulgarity must be there….
    I may be accused for these general assumptions but these all are rampant…

    Will be looking for the next part…
    Thanks for sharing!!

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    1. Product of political demand? Yes. Popular demand? How? Then there wouldn’t be so much hue and cry over the bans.

      Religion and joblessness are too separate issues entirely and I think it’s anarchist to call those religious people jobless. You can’t demean someone’s faith like that.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts though.

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      1. Few things I would like to mention

        1. After reading Quran, Gita and a bit of bible, one thing that I am clear about religion is that, all religions do convey the same core values of love & benevolence.
        In our country, religious groups are actually making it “organized religion” which certainly creates divide among people.. which should be discouraged..

        Jobless I think is a better world for people who misinterpret the basic values of religion either deliberately or bring driven by others ..

        2. Liberty to faith , yes it is a part of fundamental right by art 19 also has few restrictions which are reasonable… Vulnerable & illiterate people when they handle religion…it often hamper the social fabric of our country… what I mean is our country is not ready enough to appreciate such liberty of thought & faith… But as this right is there in our constitution, we need to understand issues with this background..

        3. Religious festivals today is more like a get together, where the true love is what I often miss, gossips about others is all around.. As far as enjoyment is concern I have full support to it…people should enjoy.. But it should not be under the garb of puja … Songs you mentioned is what demean the social n moral fabric of the society…( sheer hypocrisy)

        4. I should rectify my point, not a popular demand but a demand from an influential pressure groups, the lobbies that control and directs the political moves plays a crucial role..

        Thank you for sharing such wonderful l piece of work… Looking forward to the next part….
        God bless…

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  3. Heyyy,, saree ka fall sa and aaj blue hai pani are catchy songs. Don’t ban em lol. Maggi ban was the most tragic one tbh. Millions of college kids breakfast lunch and dinner down the drain. My brother was moaning about its loss.

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      1. Really? That’s so strange.
        I am almost sure of my conspiracy theory behind the maggi ban now! Those Indian brands who weren’t getting to make a mark in the market share were behind this.

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      2. I’ll plan soon! 😉 New Zealand is on the bucket list for long. I’ll visit NZ’s neighbour too 😉 Where in Australia do you stay? If you don’t mind me asking, that is.

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  4. Excellent post … Right on the point.
    India is on brim to burst out on the political and religious expects. I fear the change sometimes…..
    Waiting for the next ban! 😉


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