When inspiration met ants.

It was always dark inside their homes. The dim lights reaching the upper reaches let them know if it was time to sleep or not. All the elders worked hard for long during light, tirelessly and happily. He had lots of friends and they all lived, played and ate together. They were soon going to start work too. Today had ended and night had fallen. The elders were trooping in after a day’s work. Some worked further down and others went up to the place from where food and light came. There were others who took care of all of them. They were aplenty!

He was being trained. He had been told he would soon be sent upwards if he was strong enough. He was very excited. After dinner that night, he turned in early. Sleep made him stronger.

Much before it was time to wake up, he heard loud slurping noises and terrified shrieks from around him. Something ominous was happening. His roommates looked as terrified as he felt. He peered out from his corner of their home, hoping to see someone who could help them or tell them what was going on. He saw the villain make way.

It was a silver monster, gliding and silencing everyone in it’s path. It was coming their way. He ran towards the other end of the corner where all the others were already crouching out of fear. The monster was now at their door. Most of it pushed ahead but the rest was trickling towards them slowly. It was incessantly hot in there. It was suffocating too. He couldn’t breathe through the fumes and long before the monster could reach him, he had breathed his last. And so had everyone else. In a matter of a couple of minutes, it was all over. Their home would be put on display soon. With their bodies still buried inside.

This is popularly called anthill art, which is made by pouring molten aluminium into anthills and then letting the molten metal cool down into this ‘amazing’ art form.

Here’s how it happens :

Feel free to enlighten me with what you think about the process.

Graciously Yours!

P.S. : Most YouTube comments on such videos seem to state fire ants as a hated species and also environmentally invasive and this process is nothing short of doing good for human life, both artistically and economically environmentally.


23 thoughts on “When inspiration met ants.”

      1. There always be something which demands something to happen before it gets its full colour…
        Artistic abilities cannot be easily comprehended with the final outcome but the process it followed, the sacrifice it made..


      2. I understand your view on the matter clearly now and I am sorry to say that I can’t really agree with it mainly because your defence isn’t really strong enough to convince me.

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      1. Only race….here I have doubt…. I guess there are many other barbaric events…. When people dies out of sheer hunger is more barbaric which has no positive externality at the end of the day.. Unlike this..


      1. And then you’ll say life is cruel! This isn’t a philosophy class. You can’t compare something uncontrollable like time to controllable and convoluted human actions.

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  1. Well…pls don’t be emotional when we are standing at the cross roads of genocide and mercy killings and if someone escapes this … may for out of poverty, exclusion etc…
    Am not supporting such art forms which are created at the cost of other’s life , this is the first thing I would like to say…

    Secondly, what is controllable and what is not should not be seen from the context of capacity only, even intent also matters….
    Killing street dogs was something unimaginable.. but it expressed your frustration to these horrific acts… being emotional is not a crime so I ago levitate that… I appreciate the views of soumya also..

    Just want to request you all that please don’t be too emotional it will break you …not an advise ..am saying out of my experiences…
    If we can cut off the hands of those who created Taj Mahal and today we stand up in front if the taj and click pics… what you have to say on this…??
    We are claimed to be superior species and we have to hold on to this status…. but not by such destructive acts…. in tha name of art…. Absolutely correct only if it is this class realize the cruel aspect of it…

    I mean for whom such emotions are if we could not protect your peers…. from this cruel competition of success…. We are one of those who puts relations, emotions at stake when we confront competition…

    I know this is not an philosophy class dear, and am extremely happy that people with heart are still there…I am already dead…I know that experiences what I have… based on which I said that yes artist abs art are cruel…as anything else in this world is…
    Loads of appreciation respect to your emotions ..


    1. I think I can only respond to such a detailed comment in detail. So here it is :

      “don’t be emotional when we are standing at the cross roads of genocide and mercy killings”? When else are we supposed to be emotional? Emotions are a part of our inherent humanity and staying un-emotional at genocides is what led to WWII’s horrific mass killings and even today’s refugee crisis. Being emotional isn’t a fault, being overly emotional is.

      “If we can cut off the hands of those who created Taj Mahal and today we stand up in front if the taj and click pics… what you have to say on this…??” You’re trying to justify the present based on the past. Just because we created mistakes earlier, we should not necessarily repeat them now.

      Regarding the part where you consider yourself dead, I’m sorry for whatever hardships you’ve had to go through, Sir, and I hope things get better soon so you feel alive and well again!

      My blog’s tagline goes by “Raw emotions. Inked.”. There will be emotions on this blog. This is what my forte is. You’re invited to stay if you like my style. Or else, it’s a free, free world 🙂

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      1. Your blog is keeping me alive , every moment when I read I feel the same.
        You wrote that being overly emotional is fault…. This is exactly what I was saying….
        Thank you for allowing me to read and enjoy every word of what you write

        You have no idea what ate you providing to people like me…and I can guess the death in you is much more than these words…
        Take care dear…


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