Quote Challenge – Day 2.

This is the second quote challenge I have been nominated for. Thank you Savio for this opportunity!

The challenge is focused on healing broken hearts.

Bad things happen. So do good things. And I’ll let you in on a little secret. They never happen the same way twice!



Image Source : Pinterest.

Graciously Yours!

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12 thoughts on “Quote Challenge – Day 2.

  1. true..
    well it actually depends but the catch I could find in this is the word “mistake” it actually clears the myth and stifle the quest !!

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    1. We think it’s circumstantial. Helps us get out of the situation where you have to forget your past and move on; helps us to find an excuse to not use our energy positively. It’s not circumstantial.

      How can it clear the myth AND stifle the quest at the same time?

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  2. The search of true love is a myth and the search for it is a quest…!! many of us believe in this..

    My point is simple ..that If I love someone selflessly..there is no point of commiting a mistake in love..so the myth is no more relevant. thus the quest for the search of true love or for that matter the search for what went wrong..does’nt really occurs..so it automatically stiffles the urge for the quest..

    I just want her to be happy because I care for her and will do forever,and come what may i will regret !!
    I may sound wired ..but this is what I want to convey


    1. From what I gather, and solely on the basis of my experiences, I would tell you to always remember that just because you love someone doesn’t mean that the other person is under an obligation to love you back (at all or with the same intensity). It is a choice you made and if you are happy with that choice you have to live with it too. You cannot force your choice on the other person.
      Yes, it sounds very unfair. But then life is like that. And, believe me, you can move on. If only you allow yourself to. Your very existence is a miracle and this little emotional turmoil is nothing short of a blip in it.

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  3. reciprocity is surely I the last thing I would even think for…
    that is why perhaps selfless love is what I beleive in

    And yes self existance is actualy a miracle.. Even the Taj is a miracle …fortunately because of its architecture and also because of the symbol of an eternal love ..
    Moving on is perhaps the best part !!


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