Little Sister.

The Little Sister is going away to study. Time for another blog dedication ❤


The little birdie fluffed her wings,

Pruned the tips, Twitched her tail,

Cleared her voice, sang melodious rings,

Announcing her departure, she was ready to sail!

So now I have the whole bed to me!

But no one to wake up to.

I don’t have to share my clothes.

But I don’t have anyone to borrow from.

I can stay up talking all night long,

But there’s no one in my room I can talk to.

Those crazy, scratchy cat fights,

The late night snacking,

The binge television watching,

The dreamy eyed plannings,

The sessions of motivation,

The patience, the innovation.

I am going to miss it all!

Mary is going to miss her Little Lamb. And I know you’ll miss me too. The 21st century tech will be blessed more than before now!

Go rock it, girl! Make us proud ❤

Graciously Yours!

45 thoughts on “Little Sister.”

  1. You both are so cute ❤ all my love your way & best wishes to the little sis. Your words are straight from the heart, can understand the mixed feelings as i've been there too 🙂 that too when technology was not so advanced..
    very beautifully expressed.

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      1. Almost a month ago, you wrote these wonderful lines which was full of love ,emotions and the pain of staying without her.

        I hope you have gained more strength and the love must have increased manifolds…..

        Stay blessed & good wishes for your sister!!!


  2. Wow. Makes me nostalgic. I share a similar kind of relationship with my brother. Very well expressed. Yea, whenver someone closer moves to a new location, technology is the only connection along with feelings. 🙂

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  3. Looking at the high degree of emotions flowing from every sentence of yours …I could write more to it…but that would become a separate blogpost altogether…so restricting myself to this limit..
    god bless to both of you !!

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  4. Yes certainly….atleast I don’t have any doubt on this….and am sure many of the fellow bloggers would accept this fact..may be the degree of impact vary!!!

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      1. Well I had a plan to start a blog …years ago…Infact I use to write in newpapers during my graduation….so I was just surfing various blogs and came across to your blog….India’s Daughter…which I liked It very much…especially the bold way of putting things before…infact I replied all your questions to the best of my ability…from then I have been following your blog..and the best part is that even I started writing!!!!
        Thank You

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      2. I am aware of the comment that you’re talking about. Which reminds me I am yet to reply to it! Apologies.
        I am glad I lashed out against the documentary ban then. It’s done someone some good 🙂

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  5. Raw emotions expressed so cutely. My brother will go next year somewhere for further studies and reading this poem already makes me feel so emotional and sentimental. God, It will feel so weird and so lonely. I cant even imagine having nobody around to annoy me.

    Such an irony, We hate them when they are there and when they are about to go, we cannot imagine life without them. ❤

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    1. Thank you, Preeti!
      It really is ironical. I can tell you, you’ll miss him so much. You’ll obviously be in touch, but the physical presence will be missed. Like whom would you tickle, or just punch or who’s hair would you pull. The little things… Spend as much time with him as you can before he leaves 🙂

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  6. This is such a sweet dedication.. You’re such a lovely sister 🙂 I loved these lines from your poem :

    Announcing her departure, she was ready to sail!
    So now I have the whole bed to me!
    But no one to wake up to.

    Made me remember the time, I left home 🙂

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      1. Should I be replying Hey there, Adi 😛 And, I will go through the posts soon. I like the way you jot down things. Glad to b here.

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