Quote Challenge – Day 1.

I saw girls being killed for being girls.
I saw Goddesses being prayed to for being girls.

I saw the rich removing the poor from near their shop windows.
I saw the rich feeding poor at the temples.

I heard that person complain about corruption.
I saw that person pay off the policeman.

I heard them saying nonsense.
I saw that common sense isn’t so common!

Voltaire, you see, was a very intelligent man!

Thank you, Akiraa,Β for nominatingΒ me for the 3 day Quote challenge.

Graciously Yours!


28 thoughts on “Quote Challenge – Day 1.”

    1. Thank you for appreciating, ma’am! Each day we defy our own principles and complain about not being privileged enough. It just doesn’t make sense. I had to put it down some way πŸ™‚

      Thanks for stopping around!

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      1. Looks like ghandi and I have the same thoughts in this regard. Great minds think alike eh ;p
        Anyways nice work and from the title of it, looks like there more will be coming. Waiting for that.

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  1. Their was a time , we used the term “double standard” for those two-faced people. Now I call it “multi standard” society. God only knows how many faces people live with.


  2. its a country of mutinies…such dichotomies are common but the way it is been observed is nice…i don’t have the solution but one thing is certain that people are taking cognizance to such issues …keep posting ..thank you !

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  3. the feeling of contributing and sharing
    acknowledging the presece of others and their freedom
    world is temporary….

    perhaps these 3 values if people could imbibe into themselves…with the tool called LOVE can actually change things around !!

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