Ahh. Calcutta!

I have been blogging for quite a while now and there has been more than one mention of Calcutta but no dedication to it.

It’s time to set that right. This page will have a series of posts highlighting the nuances that make Calcutta, Calcutta.

Much love to Calcutta and all the Calcuttans, you make me love the place more each day, even though I may not say it out loud and definitely not in so many kind words.

Ahh. Calcutta!
To Calcutta, which has seen me build myself over innumerable joys and myriad pains!
Graciously Yours!
P.S. : I want fellow bloggers who’ve experienced the magic called Calcutta to contribute here! First ones I can think of are:
Looking forward to it? Do let me know!

Published by AditiChandak

Writing is the passion... Thoughts arise, words flow and the excitement never subsides!

9 thoughts on “Ahh. Calcutta!

  1. Oh GOD!
    Only Calcuttan’s “get” why I see red when they call my city “Kolkata.” I had no idea you felt the same way 😀


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