Love you’ll never know.

All of us have memories. And sometimes a place, a song, a word or a picture is all that’s needed to bring them rushing back; the good, the bad and the beautiful — all of it.

That smile I adore? I wish that was for me.

Those eyes that sparkle? I wish they did that when they fell on me.

That charm which rids people of all worries? I wish you tried it on me.

The shoulder you lend me to cry on? I wish they were mine to hold.

The fingers that trace my palms? I wish they were entwined with mine forever.


The love that you feel for her? I crave that you feel for me.

Beneath all my smiles, all the fears, all the snuggles, all my tears, is a love that’ll never fade.

That love which you’ll never know.

Graciously Yours!


8 thoughts on “Love you’ll never know.”

  1. ovvu lovvu
    oh my lovvu
    you showed me bouv-u
    cow-u cow-u holi cow-u
    i want u hear now-u
    god i m dying now-u
    she is happy how-u



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