The Silent Mourner.

I know this is an old post, but I can’t stop myself from re-blogging it. Many of you weren’t aware of this blog’s existence then but I know you would love to read this. Thank me in the comments section 😉

Inking The Thinking

Innumerable people I meet,

Yet I can never stop thinking about you,

Innumerable words I speak,

Yet I can never get tired of wanting to listen to you.

You were the one,

Who loved me for what I was.

You were the one,

Who made me realize what I could be.

I always thought we would be together,

For the sake of not me, not you, but for the promises we’d made,

In life or in death to be together,

And in sickness and health.

Love had led me to you,

God had I thanked with all my heart,

Death is what took away you,

All I have is my life crumbled around.

The shining stars beckon me,

The massive seas allure me,

All I need to do is stop one single breath,

But then the last whiff of you would be gone too!

Graciously Yours.

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2 thoughts on “The Silent Mourner.”

    1. No. This was a sudden burst of emotions towards no experience in particular. One of those times when I wonder how these emotions get channelled through my words…


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